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SharePoint Forms: The future according to Microsoft

microsoft sharepoint forms presenters at conference 2014

Microsoft just concluded their session, Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. The thousand or so chairs were packed and it was standing room only. In a nutshell, don't pull the plug on your InfoPath forms just yet. Microsoft has ideas, a very rough road map, and is leaning heavily on you for guidance.

SharePoint form design: Creating usable forms through input fields

Form Design

Whether you are designing a business form, web form, or application, your goal is to gather information from a user. How are we gathering this information? Specifically, input fields. Input fields are crucial to the overall functionality and usability of any website or application. This is your point of interaction. You may be thinking this is simple, you ask a question and the user answers.  And here we can begin by changing our thought process.

Business Forms: Make them easy to use with these layout techniques

SharePoint business forms layout and flow

It's not fun filling out a business form, whether on paper or electronically in SharePoint. We can minimize this pain by using some basic layout techniques that make the form easier to understand and faster to fill out.  In this article we explore how to use content groups, label placement, and spacing to create a very functional and usable form.

Working with a Lookup List in Your SharePoint Business Form

adding a custom list in sharepoint2013

If you have a background in databases, you might think that building your data collection process using a SharePoint lists can leave a lot to be desired. At first glance, it seems that lists are relatively flat -- leaving you without the tools you are used to for pulling related data into your forms. But dig a little deeper and you'll discover you can get quite a bit out of a few simple lists if you need to.

Business Form Design: Three Ways to Group and Present Data

sharepoint form with tabs

Business forms usually capture a lot more information than the typical web sign up form. Picture a SharePoint form that captures customer information and tracks their activities, or an online employment application form. In either case, one will have to organize and capture information in a way that does not overwhelm the user. Here are three common techniques used to group information and present it in manageable chunks, and some implementation tips.

Building a Good Looking and Functional Business Form in SharePoint

Data table spreadsheet mockup

Think that collecting data using forms in SharePoint can be so basic and easy that you don’t need to read up all that much on the topic? It can be super easy but there are challenges too. Paying attention to the little details will lead to more successful data collection.

Thanks for coming to my SharePoint Saturday New Jersey 2013 Session!

presenting the slides!

Fun was had by all, and I had a great time talking about bringing existing web applications into SharePoint 2013 via the new app model! My slide deck can be found at: 

SharePoint Fest DC 2013 Wrap-Up

SPFestDC13 Speakers

Last week in Bethesda, Maryland, SharePoint users, speakers, and enthusiasts came together to share knowledge at SharePoint Fest DC. We all have been to many conferences and they all include keynotes, sessions on anything from Yammer to app building, freezing, windowless session rooms, lots of coffee and of course, and a SharePint. If it is an event from a free SharePoint Saturday or THE SharePoint Conference you are there for two things; learn something new about SharePoint and to network. The SharePoint Fest last week gave the attendees ample amounts of both. There were over 60 sessions, two great keynotes and lengthy breaks to get to know your fellow attendees and sponsors.

SharePoint Help Desk – Configuring a Pivot Table for Reporting

Add month to data model for pivot requests

In the previous blog we have learned how to add a workflow to the help desk app. In this blog we will see how we can create a pivot table for number of request types by month using Pistachio.

SharePoint Help Desk - Adding a SharePoint Workflow - Part 2

Specify List for Workflow

In the last blog post, we created a list called HelpDeskRequest and updated the Help Desk App's configuration in Pistachio to synchronize data with it. We can now focus on Part 2, building and attaching a workflow to the list.

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