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No, That Was Not Our Pistachio Super Bowl Commercial

Posted by Marco Luzuriaga on Mon, February 11, 2013

In case you are one of the fourteen people that did not watch the SuperBowl commercials, a nifty pistachio commercial aired featuring Gangam Style PSY and the Wonderful brand of pistachios. It was a rather auspicious moment for a few of us at LimeLeap. After all, we recently launched our own Pistachio software for SharePoint, we hand out Wonderful brand pistachios at conferences and, since SPC12 in Las Vegas, inextricably associate SharePoint and PSY (here's why).

Two years ago we set out to build a tool that makes it easy to build data-centric apps in SharePoint. Business software tends to be too complicated, with too many options and way too hard to use. We wanted to change that by building a product that focused on the essentials, was easy to set up and even easier to use. One that did not require any programming. The code name for our new product was Pistachio, which kept in line with our tradition of using green-themed names for our internal software development projects (our company name after all is LimeLeap).

As the product neared completion, a name was required. What to call it? The short of it is we could not come up with one and made the project name permanent - Pistachio, the easy-to-use business app builder for SharePoint. It gives the product character and shies away from big complicated software names. It also solved the dilemma of what to hand out at conferences. Pistachios! Wonderful branded ones. They are nutritious, healthy, taste good, and boost the sagging energy of attendees late in the day of a conference.

Pistachios for a SharePoint Conference

It was a good moment watching the Wonderful pistachio commercial. The journey from inception to a successful product is challenging but exciting, and I knew the handful of LimeLeap staff that went to the conference would identify with the commercial.

Turns out the audience was bigger. "Hey was that your Super Bowl commercial?" I was asked by a SharePointer. What!? You're joking right!? And then a similar question came later. Wow! We are humbled and flattered, but I do want to set the record straight.

We did not place the Pistachio commercial in the Super Bowl.

Should we be able to do so some day, rest assured that we instead will re-invest those millions into making our software even easier to use.

As far as why our company is called LimeLeap, well that's a story for another day.

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